We are a men’s fashion company that specializes in creating apparel, style, and branding for professional men.

Our specialty at Xavi Moore, a bespoke (made to measure) fashion firm, is tailoring for the everyday appearance, feel, and function of the working man.


We are a fashion firm in the business of dressing corporate men, and we aim to make items of the highest quality to ensure the gentlemanly appearance of our customers.


As a family-oriented company, we place a strong emphasis on developing, coaching, and caring for our team, realizing that this is what makes us most powerful. We are extremely outspoken, demanding, dedicated, and passionate about our reputation, offerings, and clientele.


Today, Xavi Moore strengthens and positions the brand’s contemporary culture while addressing a rising global market and paying homage to its legacy with powerful, intricate designs. While exporting our products and concepts globally, with a strong mission to rethink corporate fashion.




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